What is remote therapy?

Remote therapy is delivered via secure internet video calls.  Your CBT treatment will be exactly the same as it would be if you had face to face treatment, without having to travel to appointments.  For many people, remote therapy can be preferable due to the flexibility it affords.

Does remote therapy work?

The research shows that on-line therapy can be just as effective as face to face CBT, with the advantages of not having to travel and being more flexible around your other commitments.

What do I need?

You would need to have:

  • an internet connection
  • a computer or electronic device (with camera and microphone)
  • Access to private, quiet space

What do clients say? 

"I've been so happy with the way remote consultations have worked out. They're so convenient, meaning less time spent travelling, less money spent parking. We can share ideas using screen sharing, so we're still able to work through the toolbox together. I think I'd possibly even prefer to keep remote consultations going post-lock down as they're so simple, practical and do not lose out on their effectiveness."


"Although initially I was apprehensive about sessions being carried out on-line, Tracey made them easily accessible and I felt that I got as much out of them as face to face appointments."


"I recently tried CBT via video conferencing and I found it a very effective and very convenient alternative to face to face therapy. I would recommend it to anyone who is unsure about it. I was unsure about the idea before I tried it, but I was pleasantly surprised. I found it possible to connect with Tracey without being in the room with her."


"I am finding the remote therapy very useful as I am able to carry on with my therapy even though I can't meet with Tracey face to face. I am used to having meetings like this and do not have a problem discussing my situation in this way. Tracey still picks up on what she sees as key information that I impart and this is discussed further. It has been very beneficial to me and I don't have to take so much time away from my work as there is no travel involved."


"The use of video conferencing for the sessions has not been a limiting factor for me.  Having only had the initial session face to face , I found that being at home reduced the anxiety prior to sessions starting.  I was not worried about being in a strange environment, about getting to an appointment on time, where I would park etc. "